Terms of Membership

If you want to become a member of the Croatian Laboratory Animal Science Association (CroLASA) please send signed application form after reading CroLASA Statute by an e-mail. By paying an annual membership fee of 14.00 EUR you become a full member of the Society.

You can pay the annual membership fee on the Society account:

Croatian Laboratory Animal Science Association (CroLASA)
Rooseveltov trg 6, 10 000 Zagreb

  • MB 03602613
  • OIB 01393341510
  • IBAN: HR4623900011100319222
  • For: Name and surname, membership fee, year
  • Hrvatska postanska banka, d.d.
    Jurisiceva 4, 10 000 Zagreb

If you are paying by e-banking, please include in the “Model and Call Number” section (depending on your home bank) the following:

HR 01 2017 (year of the membership fee payment)
HR 00 2017